Babushka Doll Applique Template

babushka doll applique pattern
Babushka Doll Applique Template
Price: $2.50 AUD


This babushka doll applique pattern is designed for making raw edge fusible-web appliques. The mouth will need to be embroidered onto the design, or alternatively, drawn on with fabric marker.

• Instructions for making and applying the applique
• Applique placement guide
• The separated applique shapes for tracing
• A coloured photo of the finished design to use as a guide
• Tips for machine satin (zigzag) stitching the applique

TEMPLATE SIZE: 8.5cm x 16cm (3 3/8″ x 6 1/4″)

• The template is a computer drawn outline of the design shapes for tracing.
• The template does not include a seam allowance on the pieces.
• Designs are in reverse for tracing onto fusible web.
• Print the template sheet on your home printer – fits A4 and US letter size paper.
• If needed, you should be able to change the size of the template by adjusting the scaling in your print settings.
• The template is not limited to use with just fabric, you could also make the design out of paper for decorating cards, etc.

FORMAT: PDF – this is a digital pattern that is available for download immediately after purchase.

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This template may not be sold, shared or distributed in any form.

If you wish to apply any appliques made from the template to handmade items that you sell, you may do so, but please read my policies first as terms and conditions apply.

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