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button-image What is the Sew and Sell Register?

It’s basically a list of sewers who are selling items they make from my patterns and who wish me to refer to them anyone seeking ready-made items or custom orders.

button-image Why do you offer the Sew and Sell Register?

I often get emails from people saying they love my patterns but they can’t sew and would I consider making the item for them. I hate having to say no but the reality is I just don’t have enough time to fulfil sewing orders AND create new patterns. So that’s where the idea of the ‘Sew and Sell Register’ came from. I can direct any inquiries I get from customers wanting sewn items to all you lovely home sewers out there who sell the items you make from my patterns in your own online shops. This is a win-win situation for both of us: you get extra customers referred to you (at no cost, of course), and I don’t have to disappoint anyone by telling them I don’t know anyone who can help them.

button-image How does it work exactly?

If you wish to be added to the register, simply complete and submit the form below, indicating which of my pattern(s) you currently have. Then when I receive a request from someone wanting an item to be made for them, if you have the pattern for the item being requested, I will provide the customer with the link (url) to your online shop (or Facebook page if preferred) so they can contact you directly.

If you purchase more of my patterns in the future please feel free to resubmit them to the register.

button-image Like more info?

The register is new so if you have a question or there’s something I haven’t addressed here please contact me and let me know.

~ Anthea

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