How to Re-size Applique Templates

Following are some instructions on how to print your applique templates at a different size, because chances are the provided size is not going to perfectly suit your project.

Please note, these instructions may differ depending on what version of Adobe Reader you have but hopefully you will have similar settings.

1. Open the template PDF file that you have saved on your computer – I’m using my dragonfly template as an example.

2. Go to File > Print

3. In the print box that pops up select “Custom Scale” (see screenshot below) and then in the percentage box enter the percentage of the original size that you want the template to be. I chose 80% as I wanted it slightly smaller.

(Note: if your print box looks different to the one below you might have to look around for the scaling settings eg, click Properties > Advanced, and there should be a section where you can change the scaling).

click image to enlarge

how to resize applique template

You could use trial and error to find a size that suits but if you don’t want to waste paper here’s how to work out the exact percentage that you need:

• Print out (at full size) and measure the template in its original size and write this measurement down (ie wing to wing = 12.5cm).

• Determine what size you want the template to be for your project. I’m putting the applique on a baby bodysuit so I’m thinking 10cm wide will be a good size.

• Now the sum that I need to do is “new size” divided by “original size” multiplied by 100. In this case, “10” divided by “12.5” x 100. This gives me an answer of 80, meaning I need to print the template at 80% of its original size.

4. Choose “Current Page” so you only print the template page and then click Print.

This works well if you’re wanting the template smaller, however, if you want to make it larger you won’t be able to increase it by much or it will end up off the page (unless of course you have a printer that prints larger than A4 / letter size).

This is what my template looked like printed at 80% of its original size.


This is what it looked like printed at 120% of its original size. It just fitted on the paper.


Please contact me if you have any questions or if this tutorial left you feeling totally confused!



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